Furniture - City Library Lucerne
Bookshelves, reception desk, window-bookcase, large reading table, newspaper and magazine racks, book troughs for childrens' books, mobile seating, computer and office tables, cabinets, etc.
The library furniture adopts the material discipline of the architecture. All timber components are veneered with oak veneer (,rose oak' has a particularly lively grain, even when used as perforated acoustic panels, a surface texture remains visible). Metal parts, like table-legs and book supports, etc. are coated with aluminium paint. Table-legs are made of leftover window mullions (RHS aluminium profiles 140 x 52 mm).
While all serially used furniture, like study tables and corpuses follow the geometry of glass facades and galleries, some larger elements, such as the reading table and the reception desk are conceived as dynamic independent objects.
Bookshelves are the standard German Library Service EKZ-shelves, but feature a particular 'Lucerne physiognomy', owing to purpose designed perforated steel covers for shelf ends (perforation analogous to the acoustic timber panels) and cast aluminium feet.