Mixed use urban development, Zofingen
Urban concept for the area of the former dyeing mills, with office space, workshops, housing, underground parking
Design competition
3rd Prize
'Suburbia' and 'railway sheds', in contrast to the prettiness of the adjacent gentrified medieval old town, are the formal topics in the given context. They generate the composition of the new layout. The plan contains two differing figures: a single aspect linear building with office/workshop spaces along the railway cutting and a long garden court, around which the houses line up.
These comprise different plan types and uses. Within the given layout each house can have quite an individual expression. In this way, the new scheme is integrated into the existing settlement pattern, but also forms an autonomous ensemble.
All houses receive sunlight from the east and the west. The ground floor maisonettes have private gardens, and the upper floor dwellings have views into the central garden court. The linear commercial building along the railway embankment provides noise protection to the housing area.