Nursing home, Zürich
Conversion and extension of a former vicarage
Bedrooms, living areas, care facilities and garden for 12 patients suffering from dementia
Private commission, completed 2005
The client's charter stipulates the foundation of homes for the elderly and people in need of intensive care. The homes should be rooted in local communities, and each house shall have its own specific character.
In the former rectory building, the new additions connect smoothly to the old building. The mode of the existing wall surfaces, with variations of fair faced concrete and rendered parts in slightly different hues of grey, is supplemented and continued. A building develops whose exterior is, in accordance with the client's wishes for an inconspicuous and well-integrated home, calm and unpretentious.
In contrast, the living areas and dayrooms inside are colourful, painted in a spectrum of yellow to red. The colour serves as decoration and orientation device. The garden too, forms a counterpoint to the unadorned backdrop of the house, with densely planted flower 'islands', and spaces between that serve as protected footpaths for the inhabitants.