Mixed use development in Littau
with 138 dwellings, offices and commercial space, garage
Invited competition
A composition of a cube (office block) and a folded slab block (apartments) on a common podium (garage). This "sculpture" is not just defined through the relationship of its parts, but also suggests implicit external spaces, thus including the existing urban context as an essential part of the ensemble.
Triangular courtyards are established towards the front square, lending a rhythm to lateral pedestrian movements. The three garden courts on the south side link the building to the large and steep natural slope to the south. The planting of the slope, as a meadow with shrubs and bushes, makes it a green "tableau" for the residents. The garden courts themselves are planted, with lawns extending to the slope boundary. Corresponding to the opposites of north/south, hard/soft and noisy/quiet, the building offers a mural facade, with strong parapets to the front square and an open facade with continuous balconies to the slope.