House conversion, Zurich
Private commission
completed 2012
The former 3-Bedroom-House was substantially enlarged, both in increasing its footprint, and by adding an extra floor, making full use of the legally allowable floor area. An important part of the renewal was bring the building in line with contemporary standards of energy conservation, including the installation of a new heating- and ventilation-system, using a heat pump and geothermal energy.
By removing several walls on the ground floor, a generous living-dining area has been created that receives natural sunlight all day long, and is directly connected to the garden along its whole perimeter.
The three main floors are connected by an elevator and new stairs. The continuous surface of the oak floors of stairs and living areas creates a homogeneous, flowing sense of space. Kitchen cabinets, new built-in shelves and cupboards are painted white. Existing and new walls. as well as ceilings are generally white, with occasional coloured digressions.