CH-91, Brunnen
Auditorium, a public square dedicated to the Swiss living abroad, exhibition concept
Project study, private commission
The project was conceived as part of the preparatory works for the Swiss National Exhibition CH-1991, which finally was not realised. The site on Lake Lucerne was to be the conclusion of the exhibition route. A permanent meeting point, information and communication space for the approximately 600'000 Swiss citizens living all over the world was planned.
The project consists of two parts: the exhibition garden is conceived as a garden of discovery, with a grid of media cubicles and a contrasting picturesque order of woods, meadows and hedges, and a system of footpaths which are sometimes straight, occasionally cross each other, or even end abruptly.
The public square is defined by a semi-circular row of stepped seating and its front opens to the lake. It lends itself to be used as a place for celebrations, concerts, open-air theatre and as a lookout point.