Museum extension Winterthur
Temporary exhibition space
Limited competition
This is a project with a severely limited budget. The existing ground floor car park needs to be retained. The proposal is for a single-storey hall, level with the existing rooms. This is advantageous in several respects: the entire exhibition area can be naturally lit from roof lights, the access from the old building is suitable for disabled visitors and, for the transport of goods from depot and delivery yard, the existing goods lift can be used.
In addition, the potential for an expansion of the municipal library under the proposed structure is maintained. Inside the hall, countless spatial arrangements are possible.
The outer skin (corrugated steel sheeting) is painted (paint: poor man's luxury…). Otherwise the outside of the building, in its simple functionality, hints at the possibility of a poetry generated by the empty kitties of cultural institutions…. inside the building this type of poetry is part of the program.