Schwabentor Schaffhausen
Mixed-use development with housing, offices, petrol station, underground parking; in close relationship with historic buildings, in the old town of Schaffhausen
Project competition, 1st Prize
The proposed new building refers primarily to the scale of the road, continues the existing building outline and receives a distinctive roof. In the contrast to the neighbouring school buildings, it clearly belongs to the 'body' of the old town. The roof form, a south facing shed, is derived on the one hand from considerations to maximize the production of solar power. On the other hand, it evokes specifically contemporary, unorthodox forms of life: living and working in converted factory buildings.
In plan, the geometrical rigour of the new building, opposite the organic character of historical context, leads to some interesting spatial constellations: the narrow opening to the courtyard, the small space in front of the gate tower, the funnel-like entrance route. The abstract wrap-around facade points to the autonomous character of the new building, avoiding an obvious but mistaken ‚historicising' interpretation of the situation.